The new millennium began with a January, 16-member Prowl planning meeting--quite a departure from the early meetings when all those present could fit into one restaurant booth. Our Prowler had now expanded from the initial 3-page offering to upwards of 16 pages. Alan Haaland shared his love of the new Playstation game Gran Turismo 2 as well as the small die cast Cougar models distributed by Johnny Lightning.

Also in January, TCCN (The Classic Cougar Network) featured an interview with Neal Jacobson and pictures from various Cascade club events. A computer screensaver featuring several Cascade members' cars (including the Pinkertons' Cougar One and Leon Bray's RH-drive 68 XR-7 from Brisbane, Australia) was offered until the end of the month. Prowler had lots of tech tip contributors covering small items like non-working clocks to full-blown modifications and everything in between. Part of getting the club into the new century was to create a modern club website and this project fell to member Steve Eitzen. By March he had a prototype home page developed and all were hopeful the project would be up and running within a couple of months.

April 5-9, Fabulous Fords Forever. The road trip to Knott's Berry Farm, Los Angeles, CA began on Wednesday, April 5th when 7 CCC members left Federal Way, WA, picking up an additional "cruiser" along the way before overnighting in southern Oregon. Thursday was another full travel day with our group arriving in Buena Park, CA having completed 1200 miles spread over 23 hours "road time". Everyone relaxed on Friday either visiting Universal Studios or a local beach before getting down to work on Saturday, first detailing their cars then helping with goodie bags before heading out on a tour of the Saleen-Allen racing compound in Irvine. Rounding out the day was an evening cruise and a buffet at the Crazy Horse Saloon. Sunday was the Big Day, the actual show where participants received a Ford clock designed as a dash gauge (pretty cool) and vied for awards. Of course one can't visit L.A. without a trip to Disneyland, so many spent their Monday at "the happiest place on earth" before hitting the road for the trip north on Tuesday. Now that's what I call a Road Trip!

Mustangs & Cougars on the Pier. 26 Cougars (including a record 9 convertibles and 2 sunroof cats) were on hand this year for the April 29th show in Port Angeles, WA. Jim Price would have been there but his Cougar got carried away "warming up", catching fire under the hood while Jim was grabbing a cup of coffee. Fortunately there was an extinguisher nearby and damage was kept to a minimum, but his cat was out of commission for the show. This event has become so popular that sadly, this would be the last year the show would be held on the pier--the event had simply outgrown the venue. Next year it would move to the courthouse parking lot a couple of blocks up the street. Winners of this year's unique salmon plaques were George & Kathy White, Jeff & Carol Bingaman, Jim & Elaine Pinkerton, Ted & Lucy Both, Doug & Beth Mallory and Lonnie Sparhawk. Congrats all!

Keep checking for updates.