This would prove to be a very busy and exciting year. Cougar's 30th anniversary event would need extensive planning and organizing, although much had already been under way months before the year began. The estimated budget for the show stood at a daunting $20,000--scary. In addition, Board members were changing, the newsletter was under new management, club by-laws were being updated and Nadine Meyers was collecting historical memorabilia for her club history project.

New software was donated to the club to aid our newsletter production, which would see issues leading up to Prowl XII filled with lots of Cougar history and comparables between 1967 and 1997. Cougar One's restoration was advancing nicely but the Adopt-a-Highway program was slowly failing. Event planning meetings visited such diverse venues as Jaeger's Sports Pub in Factoria and the Pinkerton home in Snohomish where there was a "Prowl Planning & Pizza Party".

Only 8 Cougars attended Ponies on the Pier in Port Angeles on April 26th where Jeff Bingaman took 1st place for his 68 XR-7 sunroof cat.

Although over 300 cars attended Cool Desert Nights in Richland on June 26-29, only 3 Cougars represented our club (Guenthers, Herberts and Jim Compton), none of whom won trophies. In addition, the "partly solid skies" caused Saturday's street dance to be cancelled.

The constant plea for event participants seemed to fall on deaf ears as only 4 members cruised to the Cougar Inn at Lake Wenatchee on July 12th

Participation was better at the July 19-20 Roundup at Bellevue Community College where 15 members joined the field of over 800 cars. First place trophies were awarded to the Hawkins, the Pinkertons and Dana Wilcox.

August 8-10, the 30th Anniversary CCOA West Nats combined with Prowl XII to become "The Largest Cougar Show in the World". 600 4-page fliers were distributed for the Nationals, 1200 2-page fliers for Prowl and event t-shirts were produced early so members could wear them to advertise the event and take orders. Lincoln-Mercury donated $3500 to help out and we even had a $750 Adobe software package donated.

A reception complete with historical displays was held in Bellevue on Friday evening.
Saturday's Cougar-only judged show was held on the grounds of the Bellevue Inn and began with a continental breakfast for the 43 registrants. Judging teams pored over the cars in three categories: Concours, Street Stock and Street Driven. As this was a full day, lunch was also provided as part of Saturday's package and as the day drew to a close activities culminated with a tour and banquet at the Petroleum Museum in Seattle where C. Gayle Warnock was a featured speaker.
Sunday was the much-anticipated People's Choice show held at Bellevue Community College. There was a total of 145 cars featuring 106 Cougars, 12 Lincolns, 7 Edsels and 20 assorted Mercurys. Nearly 100 trophies were awarded, all the t-shirts were sold and orders for dozens more taken and when all the monies were tallied our bank account stood at a healthy $13,000+. FANTASTIC!

Part of the 30th anniversary event was a segment called "Border to Border" The idea was for locals in towns from Canada to southern California to organize "catavans" along routes to get participants to the show in Bellevue.

Left: Here's part of the northern contingent at the Peace Arch border crossing on August 8th. There were other participants on the American side, but due to "concerns" by US Border officials, they did not make it into the photo.
L-R: Patrick & Suzanne Ramsay, West Vancouver, BC (71 XR-7), Don & Connie Wicklund, Langley, BC (69 XR-7) and Tony Fisher, Bellingham (68 XR-7).

After the excitement of our anniversary event, it was tough to get members fired up to attend subsequent shows. The Port Townsend Classic on August 16th saw only the Evans, Herberts and "Odd Couple" Marc Ogren and Eric Anders represent us on the 130-car field. Similarly, only the Hawkins' 67 XR-7 and Evans' 70 XR-7 were on hand to finish 1st and 2nd respectively at the Pierce County show at the Lakewood Mall near Tacoma on August 17th.

Right: The September 7th Can Am Picnic in Ferndale was attended only by Cascade members. This year there were no fees, no dash plaques and no trophies--simply a picnic.