Please indicate the class you wish to be in while checking out below;
Prior to selecting a class, if your car is modified, and you meet the modified criteria, please select the Cougar Modified class below. We reserve the right to re-class your car on the day of the show. Modified class criteria: If you have three or more of items listed below (*) you should select the Cougar Modified class.
Classes may be combined or expanded based on pre-registrations.

Cougar Only:
C1 67 Standard
C2 67 XR-7
C3 68 Standard
C4 68 XR-7 except XR7-G
C5 69 Standard and XR-7 Hardtop
C6 70 Standard and XR-7 Hardtop
C7 69-70 Convertible All
C8 71-2002 All
C9 Cougar Modified
C10 XR7-G, GT-E, Eliminator, GT

All Other Makes:
F1 All Ford except Mustang
MU Mustang All
MEL All Mercury (Ex Cougar), Edsel, Lincoln
OM&M Other Makes and Models
D1 Display only--no awards
*Modified Criteria 3 or more
*Wheels not available from Ford Dealer
*Exterior paint not available when produced
*Interior not available when produced
*Significant changes to exterior body
*Engine components not available from Ford

PRE-REGISTRATION PRICES ONLY--Must be received by July 1, 2021
Car show pre-registration $15.00 - ($20 after July 1)
Pre-order t-shirts are $20.00 each -Add $5 each for 3XL and 4XL sizes.
T-shirts must be picked up at the show. Otherwise add shipping: 1 shirt $8.50, 2 or more $14.00

A very limited number and sizes of non pre-ordered shirts will be available for sale at the show, so it is highly recommended that you pre-order to get the size(s) you want (Click to see t-shirt example).

Saturday July 10th there will be a Fiesta Night Dinner at a Cascade member's home. Schedule and directions will be sent after receipt of your registration information. If you plan on coming to the Fiesta Night Dinner ($10 per person). More info contact Chris (call or text) at 253-285-6072.

By proceeding through the online registration process, you hereby release the Cascade Cougar Club, Cougar Club of America, Griot's Garage, City of Tacoma, and all other sponsors, their employees, and/or volunteers from any and all responsibility for damages that may occur to your person, vehicle, or personal property. You are also responsible for your own vehicle insurance.

Saturday Fiesta Night Dinner (Sorry, but after July 1st we will not be able to add any additional participants)

Saturday Prowl Fiesta Night Registration

I haven't figured out how you can add an item to the Shopping Cart and then be directed back to this page so that you can purchase or register for more, so please hit the back button (or click this page tab), so that you can register and purchase all that you would like before your final Checkout.
You can also change the number of any item in the checkout. So if you want 2 or more of a specific t-shirt size (or whatever) just click the + beside the number in the shopping cart.

Enter Show Class From Above
Year, Make, Model, Color

Sunday Car Show Pre-Registration - $15 (After July 1st $20)

Prowl T Shirt Pricing
Special Instructions

Prowl 2021 T-shirt purchase

Shipping Prowl T-shirts
Special Instructions

Prowl 2021 T-shirt Shipping

Enter Trophy Class or Donation

Donations - Trophy Class Sponsorship $50.00 each

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